Laugh More. Live Better.

The pressures of life and work can take a toll on our good humor, productivity and outlook in general. Could the people in your organization or workplace use a little less stress? We’ve always known that humor is
 “nice to have” at work and home. But research has proven that humor can help people be more productive, resilient, healthy and happy. What can humor do for the people in your organization?

With studies showing these findings, humor has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”! This hilarious, yet informative session is great for employees, volunteers, organizations and any group that has human beings!

What others are saying about Connie’s program:

“Connie helped validate what we as healthcare givers often feel but, by giving us permission to laugh whenever possible, she also helped us feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day. Thank you!”
Pat D’Errico, RN, MPA, FACHE 
Chief Nursing Officer, COO, Coliseum Northside Hospital

“Learning shouldn’t be this much fun!”
Mark Brown
1995 World Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International

“Connie is a fabulous and entertaining speaker! We had her speak at our annual Lunch, Laugh and Learn for Breast Cancer Awareness. Her message is insightful, thoughtful and told with great humor. Great speaker. She also sings beautifully.”  
Marie Murphy 
Occupational Medicine Manager, Effingham Health System

Valentine Event: Meet Connie's Valentines!
(Holiday - Keynote)

Connie shares letters from her family during her first year at college, blending humorous marriage stories with beautiful love songs. A hilarious sampling of the valentines in her life, bringing home the message of the Gospel by pointing to our true Valentine, Jesus Christ. Perfect for your holiday outreach.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Get your heart ready for Christmas! Filled with beautiful Christmas music, inspiration, rich biblical insight, and lots of laughter, your holiday event will be enhanced as Connie brings a message of lasting hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Perfect for your holiday outreach.

How to Speak Like Reagan
(Public Speaking)

Ronald Reagan, known as "The Great Communicator", won hearts and minds with his incredible speaking skills. While you may never run for President, you can learn his secrets for style, presence and flair in giving a winning presentation. Whether for a business presentation, one-time special occasion speech or 
developing your communication skills in general, Connie will teach you the secrets of making your 
talk powerful and persuasive.

Be Funny by Friday
(Public Speaking)

It’s been said, “Humor is the shortest distance between two people.” No matter a speaker’s topic, humor is power!It connects you with your audience and keeps them interested in what you have to say. If you’ve wanted to use humor, but hesitated because you didn’t know where to begin, or thought the techniques would take too long, think again…you really can Be Funny by Friday! Connie will show the people in your organization:

    Why humor works, whether the topic is light…or heavy.

    Simple rules that great humorists follow.

    How to find the funny in everyday life.

    How to deliver humor to connect with your audience and make your message unforgettable.
    following these tips, you may even be funny by Tuesday!

*Topics can be customized for faith-based and/or corporate events.

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Falling Up: Lessons Learned on the Way Down
from her best-selling book by the same name
(Spiritual Growth – Keynote or multi-message package)

Connie shares her hilarious skydiving experience (complete with skydiving video!) 
as a metaphor for life. Turns out hurtling toward the ground at 120 mph gave her a few insights about life!

Expertly weaving music, humor and inspiration, Connie helps others see that when heartbreak hits, with God on your side, it is possible to do more than just fall. You can “fall up”. You can make it to the other side of grief stronger in your broken places. Connie’s insight comes not just from skydiving, but also from her own journey of grief in losing her father to suicide. She inspires audiences with this, her most requested, signature program.

As Connie shares four practical steps to deal with loss and grief, she will help you:

    Recognize the presence of God in the midst of your storm.

    Believe God more than your feelings.

    Replace the “if onlys” with truth, confidence and praise.

    Discover biblical evidence that, contrary to popular belief, God DOES give us more than we can handle -          and why that is good news!          

    Understand how God will use your circumstances to minister to others.

    Radically renew your perspective on significant loss while recognizing the reality of it.
Blood Pressure
Risk of heart attack
General negativity
The Immune System
Problem solving skills
Employee engagement
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