Connie Mercer Carey delights in sharing her life through messages spiced with humor and music that lead others to:

Recognize and walk free of joy-stealing lies.
Replace the "if onlys" with truth, confidence and praise.
See God's work behind the scenes of your suffering.
Gain fresh, new perspective on your life.

She captivates audiences with laughter and encouragement to bring hope and healing through the power of God's Word. Connie finds the hilarious in simple, everyday life situations to which we all can identify and relate.  

But her humor has a message.

Connie's powerful story of finding healing and wholeness as she journeyed through the grief of her father's suicide encourages others to firmly hold on to Truth during difficult times in their own lives.

Her message is that our great God is with us, always weaving a beautiful tapestry behind the scenes in our lives. We can trust Him, even when it's darkest. Her experiences of God's faithfulness in her life will inspire and encourage you.

Connie and her husband John minister together at Strong Tower Fellowship, a mission to an inner city neighborhood in Macon, Georgia. Through this ministry she teaches a weekly ladies' Bible Study, different from any she's ever been a part of before. Connie finds their raw humor and "tell it like it is" approach to life hilarious, healing and humbling.

Her award winning experiences in Toastmasters have given her a comfort level with all kinds of audiences.

Whether it's singing, playing the piano or flute, teaching biblical principles or just telling one of her side-splitting tales, Connie's versatility is a crowd-pleaser for church banquets, seminars, weekend retreats and ladies night out.

Connie's humor combined with real life stories of God's shining faithfulness in the darkness have given a richness to her messages
and a platform in which to bring hope to others.

"Connie is exceptionally talented, but with her great sense of purpose and excellent skills as a speaker/musician, she adds many dimensions to her programs that will have you laughing, crying, spellbound and motivated - all within a single evening. 

Connie is extraordinarily funny, highly creative and spontaneous beyond compare. She is passionate and gifted as she demonstrates a depth of spiritual maturity and practical insights like few people I have met.

Your spirit will be encouraged, your soul will be refreshed, and you will laugh until your sides hurt."
Joe McDaniel
Pastor, Musella Baptist Church

A personal message from Connie Carey

What you just read above is my professional bio. It 
lists my credentials and stuff for whatever reason you 
may need to read it. But honestly, it makes me sound a 
lot more proper than I really am. So, here's the
everyday me:

I can never find my keys. Yes, I know. Simply put 
'em in the same place everyday and be done with it. 
Somehow it never works out that way for me! Let's 
just say that if you're looking for a speaker on 
organizing your life, I'm not your girl.

I adore candles. My husband later confessed to me
that when he came to my apartment to pick me up 
for our first date, he secretly feared I was in a cult.

My husband John is a brilliant attorney, quick-as-a-cat
tennis player, foodie, chef extraordinaire and follower 
of Christ. One of my life's greatest joys is sharing with
him in the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes wildly 
satisfying moments of being involved in inner city 
ministry. By the way, when we married, I went overnight
from being a single girl to a grandmother and I truly
love it! 

I also have three incredible nephews.I can burp 
as loud and as long as any of them, and I don't need a 
carbonated beverage, either. But now I'm bragging,
and that's just not very lady-like.

I'm amazed at our gracious God and how He made me 
His own, knowing all my weaknesses and failures. 
I love belonging to Him and sharing His love with others!

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"Your spirit will be encouraged, your soul will be refreshed, and you will laugh until your sides hurt." 
Rev. Joe McDaniel

Bachelor of Music - Shorter College
Master of Music - Southern Methodist University
Past Winner - Toastmasters State Humorous
Speech Contest 
Member - National Speaker's Association
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